How to Avoid a Bed Bug Infestation

Everyone has heard at one time or another before bed the old saying ‘Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite’. As children we don’t think anything of it as though bed bugs are imaginary creatures like the boogie man. Unfortunately anyone who has ever experienced a bed bug infestation truly wishes that were true. However bed bugs are real, they are smaller than a grain of rice and are reddish brown in color. They like to stay near or inside of beds and other sleeping areas and feed on human blood.

A bed bug infestation can be caused a variety of different ways and in some cases can be difficult to avoid. Some of the ways a home can become infested include bringing them into your home on your clothing or luggage after visiting or travel, bringing in infested items such as furniture and clothing, and wild animals like bats and birds may also carry bed bugs. Sometimes these things cannot be avoided as bed bugs can go unnoticed for some time before people realize they are even there.

A few ways to avoid bringing them into your home would be to thoroughly check the things that you bring into your home. If you purchase furniture from a thrift store or garage sale be sure to search within the covers and creases where they like to hide, and the same goes for clothes. If you are concerned that you may have bed bugs on either the clothes you are wearing or clothes you have purchased second hand, you can place them in a well-sealed plastic bag and leave them in the trunk of your car during a couple of really hot days.

When you are traveling be sure to check online before you book a stay at a hotel, motel, or lodge for any reports of bed bugs. There are plenty of websites online where previous customers can report bed bug infestations for lodging as well as apartments and other places. These sites are amazing tools toward avoiding a traumatizing infestation of these horrible little blood suckers. One of these websites is and it covers all 50 states. This site also includes photos of bug bites which will help in identifying infestations, as well as videos from infested hotels. If you do come across an infested hotel or place of lodging, be sure to report it on such sites to help other travelers avoid infestations in their own homes.

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